Suppose you want to figure out who controls a company.  How do you do that?

Say you’re interested in the Mexican restaurant “El Torito”.  The first step is to search KYC3 for “El Torito”.  In the search results we quickly see that the first item returned is the entity “EL TORITO FRANCHISING CO“.  Clicking on it reveals that Fred Wolfe and Carmen Romano are related to the company.  

Using the drop down context menu on the entity (the little arrow located at the right side of the entity), we can even select “Show In Graph”, and presto a visible relationship diagram of the related entities pops up.


From this we quickly learn that the business is located in Long Beach, California.  We can also expand on these results by right clicking on one of the individuals.  For example, Fred Wolfe, as shown in the 2nd picture below.Image

So it looks like Fred is the CEO and he is quite the restaurant magnate.  In fact, if we use the search bar above the graph and refine our search into “El Torito Wolfe” we find from the first SEC filing in the results that indeed Real Mex Restaurants, Inc. is his holding company and that in 2005 he also acquired Chevy’s Restaurants. 

There you have it: how to scope out a company in just a couple of minutes with KYC3.  Due diligence done right … now.

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